Monday, July 21, 2014

Wicked Setback :: 108 Top AIDS Experts Killed In Malaysian Airlines Crash

The Malaysian Airlines flight, MH17, that was shot down over Ukraine on Thursday was carrying 108 of the world's leading AIDS experts and researchers.

The victims, which have left the international HIV research community in mourning, included staff from the World Health Organization and medical researchers, health workers and activists who were due to attend the twentieth International AIDS Conference.

Dr Lange, a Dutchman, who was on board with his wife Jacqueline van Tongeren, was a former president of the International AIDS Society and has been researching HIV for 30 years. He has authored more than 350 papers. Full story here via Instinct Magazine!

WGB: Are you as pissed as I am? Those fucking assholes who shot down this plane, may very well have killed the scientist or doctor on board who may have had the future cure for AIDS, not to mention the tragic loss of so many amazing souls. Am I the only one who is outraged by this? This is a TREMENDOUS loss.

Update 1:01 PM EST 7/21/14: Conference organizers said they have only been able to confirm seven names.“We have been working hard to try and confirm how many people were on the flight. We’ve been speaking to a number of different authorities, and we think the actual number is much smaller,” said Chris Beyrer, who will take over the presidency of the International AIDS Society at the end of the global conference next week.

Their efforts have been complicated by the fact that the airline has not released a passenger manifest so they have been relying on information from colleagues, friends, family members and authorities from various countries. He said that while there may be some people who were on the flight and headed to the conference that they do not know about, it appears that the numbers are “an order of magnitude smaller than what has been reported.”


Anonymous said...

You've got your facts wrong. The 100 or 108 figure has been widely reported (especially in blogs) but is false and was the number first reported.
There are 6 confirmed dead.

Anonymous said...

Just as AIDS wiped out an entire generation when it gained momentum in the 80's, so too has this tragedy wiped out a generation's worth of knowledge, experience, and research. It is terribly disheartening to experience the loss of life as well as potential life saving drugs and therapies that could have changed our world. Countless people could have felt the influence of their presence in this lifetime. Now we are left to fill the emptiness while war and conflict rage on. I wonder how different today would be if Putin's HIV status changed. Perhaps he would care less about his current agenda in the Ukraine and more about advancing HIV research.

ODumbo said...

Yeah but least we got Bradley Manning a free vagina with this really GREAT president in the White House! Priorities ya know...

Anonymous said...

Hey @ODumbo this is another comment which could have been kept to yourself as the many others which people believe are funny, but in actuality they are rude, uncalled for and not the time. We all have range and I don't believe that we have the right to feel the way we do. Many factors played into the bumbing of MH17; our lack of international law when it comes to countries deem unsafe of war territory and its failing in working together to came sure the commercial router are rerouted around those countries (2) the war it self and disputes between both Ukrainian forces and independent soviet regimes. We lost amazing people with amazing talents, life to leave to short. At this point the news is on this tragedy, tomorrow it will be on the next big story and the world will forget what occurred. Sanctions against Russia will ease, cooperations between rebels and aviation authorities and countries will be efficient and once more the world will not learn from our errors.