Monday, July 21, 2014

STUDY: Religion Increases Likelihood Of Suicide Attempts For LGBT People

Put simply, God isn't helping LGB people deal with their issues. At least that's what the results of a new study from the Williams Institute says.

According to the research, only about 16 percent of LGB people who made a serious suicide attempt sought mental health treatment from a health professional prior to the attempt. About 13 percent sought religious or spiritual treatment prior to the attempt. Sounds normal so far, but here's the kicker: The study found that "seeking treatment from a mental health or medical provider did not reduce the odds of a suicide attempt." And if respondents reached out to clergy of some sort, things got worse.

Let's repeat that: If respondents sought help from spiritual guides, they were more likely to commit suicide than those who sought no treatment at all. Full story here!

WGB: Do you find these findings surprising?


Brian K said...

Personally, I didn't like your choice of words to open the article, 'God isn't helping...'. God/Goddess/Spirit/etc can help people of all orientations deal with tough issues in their lives. The problem isn't God, but the spokespeople/translators of what God is really about... Exclusionary interpretations by human (and totally fallible) spokespeople are damaging our community's perception of religion. I know MY version of the Divine as loving, compassionate and welcoming to everyone, period. I'm gay and I'm Christian, and those do NOT have to be mutually exclusive... I just hope more people, of all types, search out to find their own relationship with God, instead of relying on what is being told/forced upon them...

Michael said...

Surprises? Unfortunately, quite the opposite. I would have been extremely surprised if it didn't.

Anonymous said...

Seeking guidance from those who are intellectually bankrupt can hardly be expected to work out.

The best help would come from a common sense friend. A gay person who has enough self-respect that he can share it.

Being gay isn't the problem. Having to deal with homophobics is. And religion is one of the main bastions of homophobia.