Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Madonna Made You Queer & Gays Bankroll the Westboro Baptist Church

It was a full day of crazy even by American Family Association Radio standards last week, when former hate group president and Fox News contributor Sandy Rios hosted noted ex-gays Christopher Doyle and Chuck Peters on the "Sandy Rios in the Morning" show. In the segment with Doyle and Peters, the pair of self-proclaimed "ex-gay advocates" expounded on the old theory of how an absent or weak father and over-bearing strong mother are the tools used to turn boys queer.

"That’s why I believe a lot of gay-identified men really worship these celebrities, these strong women, like Madonna or Cher or Lady Gaga" said Peters. "Because these women are strong women, like the mom that I grew up with, that are very opinionated, have a chip on their shoulder, wear the pants in the family, and these are the women that I wanted to be like or I wanted to identify with because I didn’t have a man in the house who wore the pants, who would teach me how to be a man." Full story here via Edge!

WGB: First of all, I was born gay. That being said, strong women like Madonna just allowed me to have the strength to believe in myself and accept myself for who I am!

Also, I am shocked that Fox news would air a segment like this.


Jon DeepBlue said...

I had a strong father and he was very present (too much in fact).

As for the pants... both my parents wore them!


elrondsilvermaul said...

This "strong woman" bullshit has been discredited by legitimate investigators time and time again.

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

I was born this way too and I've come to think that maybe, in many of those strong mother, weak father homes, it was that way because the father was actually gay.

Reid Baccio said...

OMG! Even the "ex-gay" movement has been discredited! And Fox News is really Fake News!