Friday, January 24, 2014

BREAKING :: Madonna to perform with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis at Grammy Awards

According to online reports, Madonna is said to be preparing to join Macklemore and Ryan Lewis onstage this weekend during Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

Gerrick Kennedy, music writer for the LA Times, took to Twitter earlier this evening to seemingly confirm the rumours, adding that Mary Lambert is also likely to appear onstage, meaning Macklemore and co will be performing their anthem Same Love. (Source)

WGB: They are exactly who I had hoped she would perform with when I heard she was going to make a Grammy's appearance. I know many of you messaged me that you wanted to see her do a Beyonce duet or Katy Perry duet. I wasn't excited to see that. I think "Same Love" and Macklemore fit her energy and vibe.

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Groevenbeek said...

Can't wait to see performance on 2014 Grammy's!