Friday, November 15, 2013

Wicked Fresh Men :: Purdue Gymnastics Team

via VJ Brendan

WGB: The guy at the 1:04 spot is my favorite! 


Anonymous said...

The guy in the lighter blue shorts does lip synced videos on YouTube. I forget his name, but he's def a hottie.

Kevin C said...

I agree Dave

Anonymous said...

Purdue is not known for having a nationally ranked men's gymnastics team. This video strongly suggests why this is true.

These guys are fit, some may even be very talented on the dance floor, but, by are large, most are twinks. Internationally competitive gymnasts have bodies with much more muscularity.

You can have them all. I want more meat on the bones.

Robert Peterson said...

I love the guy in the light blue shorts/yellow tank top (when wearing it).