Saturday, October 12, 2013

Movie Trailer :: Geography Club - Secret Gay Love on a High School Football Team


Derrick Woodford said...

Oh wow!!! I happened to have read this book a couple years ago. Had no idea it was going to be a movie. Though in the book, the main character wasn't an athlete from what I remember. Looking forward to seeing it.

Fellwalker said...

I graduated HS here in Mass in '87. My world could never have been like that. When Gov. Weld released the information on what to do to support gay youth in MA public schools my school admin stated that they didn't have that problem in Westwood.
I worked there just a few years back and there's a Gay/Straight Alliance. Such a different world, I'm proud of those kids to have a place and support a place and the administration to provide the opportunity for a place.
It was certainly surreal.
Still, I wonder what life would have been like had the circumstances been different. Oh, still full of the trials and hardships that will always be part of youth but how different for that little glimmer of hope that kids now can see.