Monday, September 9, 2013

Wrestling wriggles out of Olympic headlock and gets back into Games

It could well become a pub quiz question in years to come. Which Olympic contest pitted the actor Billy Baldwin against Fidel Castro's son and ended with a sport that has 3,000 years of Olympic history being dropped only to be reinstated months later?

As wrestling was on Sunday celebrating a reprieve by the International Olympic Committee of a decision to drop it from the programme for the 2020 Games in Tokyo, questions were being asked over the tortuous decision-making process that got them there. Full story here!


Terry said...

I just love seeing wrestlers in their singlets.

Anonymous said...

The Summer Olympics -- The only place where you actually see true wrestling.

Baseball/softball should have been added back as well.

To make room, both synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics should be canned. They MAY be performance art but they certainly are NOT sports.

Bear By The Bay said...

I didn't understand the decision to exclude wresting from the Olympics. I mean, really, wrestling was one of the original sports of the Olympics. Glad to see they put it back.