Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chaz Bono: Then and Now

Chaz Bono looking good with his recent weight loss. Mama Cher must be proud!


Anonymous said...

He looks AWESOME!!!!

Anonymous said...

When he loses another 80 pounds, THEN post a picture.

I don't get transsexuals at all. But, CB is an example of what I think is true of many.

If you were a physically unattractive woman, changing your gender will simply make you a physically unattractive man. And, vice versa.

Just accept what God gave you and move on. He does not make mistakes.

DW said...

The Anon comment about CB losing another 80lbs is clearly a sad example of how gay men discriminate on others. Chastity was NOT unattractive and and neither is Chaz in my opinion. He's a handsome man who's lost a ton of weight and i am happy for him. Its inspirational to me.