Thursday, August 15, 2013

One Million Moms Made the Kraft Guy Even Zestier

"Kraft's Let's Get Zesty campaign first tossed our salad this past spring with actor-model Anderson Davis as the salad dressing's smokin' mascot.

Soon after, One Million Moms urged its followers to demand that Kraft discontinue the "offensive" campaign, which only made it more delicious.

"They generated so much interest in advertisements that had already run their course, breathing a second life into Zesty," says photographer Douglas Friedman of the Christian activist group. "It inspired the entire creative team to make this next series of images even better and to push it a little farther." Thanks, OMM!" Full story here!


JP said...

This line doesn't add up - the christian activist photographer was happy that they thing was popular?

"says photographer Douglas Friedman of the Christian activist group."

iama[GAY]keeper said...

LOVE them for it