Thursday, June 27, 2013

NJ Governor: Gay Marriage Ruling a ’Bad Decision’

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling erasing part of a federal anti-gay marriage law was a "bad decision" and an example of "judicial supremacy."

In January, the Republican governor and potential 2016 presidential candidate vetoed a New Jersey same-sex marriage bill. On a radio program Wednesday, he said he’d do the same to any new legislation. Full story here!


Patrick Sean said...

A bad decision is your weight. Something you can choose to control but do not. A bad decision is you choosing to deliberately go against your own words and hold a special election 3 weeks before a regular election so you can skew the chances of your success in your favor...While costing your state an 11 million dollar cost. A bad decision is your choice to allow the torturing of pigs when 86% of your state is against it. Now what Governor?

Anonymous said...

Not exactly sure why my fellow Republicans dismiss Christie as a possible 2016 GOP standard-bearer because he coddles liberals like Obama. When he voices opinions such as this, he reaffirms that he is just as bigoted and ignorant as many in the party. Once again, I fear, I will have to vote Libertarian because even the most "liberal" in my own party just don't get it.

James Greenlee said...

"Judicial supremacy?" They're the freakin' SUPREME Court! He's talking gibberish, and the question is, is that all he's got (like Sarah Palin), or does he know that's all the Palin'-lovin' crowd expects of him, and he doesn't have to work any harder than that?

Anonymous said...

Another Bad Decisson would be to allow you to enter into National Politics. Stay in NJ Mr. Christie.