Sunday, January 6, 2013

Footballer in gay magazine: it's time to tackle the last taboo

"West Ham United winger Matt Jarvis appears on cover of Attitude and says gay footballers should feel able to come out!

West Ham United winger Matt Jarvis has become only the third footballer to feature on the cover of the UK's bestselling gay magazine in an effort to break one of the game's biggest remaining taboos. The footballer, who is married, follows David Beckham, who appeared on the cover of Attitude in 2002, and Freddie Ljungberg in 2006. The magazine has been published since 1994.

In an interview, the winger said it was time that a gay footballer felt comfortable enough to come out. "It's everyday life. It's not something that's going to be a shock," he said. "I'm sure there are many footballers who are gay, but when they decide to actually come out and say it, it is a different story. It's one that I'm sure they've thought about many times. But it's a hard thing for them to do."  Full story here!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful man inside and out!

Chris Cruz said...

this man is sexy and bold u go dude ! for more fitness and sexy men come to my blog

chaddbm75 said...

Kudos to him! Is he completely unaware of Robbie Rogers, tho? :/

chaddbm75 said...

Great guy! Is he completely unaware of Robbie Rogers, tho?