Monday, January 14, 2013

Actor Victor Garber Confirms: Yep, He's Gay

"The well-regarded actor, currently on the big screen in Argo and the small one in Deception, says yes, his life partner is a man.

While everyone is debating the merits of Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes speech, another distinguished performer, albeit one with a lower profile, has quietly confirmed that he’s gay: character actor Victor Garber.

Garber, perhaps best known forTitanic and the TV series Alias,and currently on-screen in Argo,confirmed the information to Greg in Hollywood blogger Greg Hernandez in a recent interview." Full story here!


Jim TO said...

That Victor is gay is not really news. He has been quite open about his relationship with Rainer for some time now. Maybe news in LA, but not in NYC.

Anonymous said...

I ran into him a few years ago in Provincetown. When I got home, I checked online and there were several obscure online articles about him having a partner. Not a shock.

Anonymous said...

That is something I've known for decades... still it is great to have more celebrities come out. Folks across the country need to know we are here and have been a part of their lives for generations. Thanks, Victor, for coming out.

Kieron South said...

Oh good on him