Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top Ten Most Promiscuous Gay Cities In America, and the Winner is???

"West Hollywood gay men who are hoping for a commitment-free hookup have an extra-special reason to celebrate, as their city has been named the most promiscuous U.S. destination in a new poll., which bills itself as the world's largest "sugar daddy" dating website, polled 11,000 of its active gay members on how many join dating websites with casual sex as their main motivation. West Hollywood took the top spot based on how many gay male members responded to having 10 or more sexual partners in the course of a year, followed by Washington, D.C. and San Francisco in second and third place, respectively.'   Full story here!

Here are the Top 10, did YOUR city make the list?  My city (Boston) did not make the list.

#1 -- West Hollywood, California
#2 -- Washington, D.C.
#3 -- San Francisco, California
#4 -- Seattle, Washington
#5 -- Columbus, Ohio
#6 -- Chicago, Illinois
#7 -- San Diego, California
#8 -- New York, NY
#9 -- Houston, Texas
#10 -- Atlanta, Georgia


Mike Odum said...

Nope, my city (Denver, CO) didn't make it. but, I got my vacation list for next year. :)

Christian H said...

yay for number 8 :D not that that makes much a difference to me, but I'm sure some people are happy for it, and hey, we're on a list :p

Tattoomonk said...

Another reason my recently dumped ass should move back to Seattle. Hooray #4!!

Tamayn Irraniah said...

I am pretty proud of CMH for this! Yay for slutty buckeyes!

Anonymous said...

Not able to link to full story. Oh well, Detroit is not on the list. We are sluts, though. Believe me!

terry hoskins said...

Atlanta #1

terry hoskins said...


Ole Hanson said...

I notice Minneapolis is not on the list! Minneapolis, voted last year as the "gayest" city in the country! C'mon! BTW, what are the STD rates in the gay communities of these most promiscuous cities? Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend