Wednesday, December 19, 2012

STUDY: CDC Report Shows HIV Infection In Gay Men On The Rise

Some key findings in the CDC’s HIV Supplemental Surveillance Report:

New infections among young gay and bisexual men (ages 13-24) continued to rise sharply (by 22% comparing 2008 to 2010)

* Young, black gay and bisexual men continue to bear the heaviest burden and now account for more new infections than any other subgroup – a total of 4,800 in 2010

* Gay and bisexual men represent 2% of the U.S. population but a majority (63%) of new HIV infections, and the number of new infections in this group increased 12% comparing 2008 to 2010  (Source)

WGB:  This news really upsets me.  Why do you think this is happening?  


Anonymous said...

I'm 45, so I remember when HIV was a death sentence, and it really impacted my behavior. I think younger guys see HIV as a manageable disease - which it really isn't, it will kill you eventually. That, and too many movies (Sean Cody, etc.) have removed the stigma associated with barebacking. This is scary news.

justwondering said...

So when can we expect the government to regulate sexual practices because of the costs being added to ObamaCare by those who refuse to practice safe sex? Whey will they have to pay THEIR "fair share"?