Saturday, December 15, 2012

Can Davey Wavery Make Str8 Male Model Phil Fusco Go Gay?

Via BoyCulture


Christian H said...

I do love Davey Wavey, and he put in a good effort but I'm sure there was much more he could've done.. still, always nice to see another hot guy with him.

Anonymous said...

He's irritating.

Bob R said...

I don't know if Davey can turn a straight guy gay, but I know he could probably turn me straight. He is annoying, a better looking, younger version of Richard Simmons.

Oh, and Phil Fusco has always been hot and is only getting better with each passing year. The camera certainly does love Phil. I don't think he's ever had a bad photo day.

Anonymous said...

Bob! you are absolutely right!

Rob from VA said...

I love Davey Wavey. He's such a positive person with a positive message. Would that there were more people in this world like him.