Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chicago High School Soccer Coach Accused of Watching Players Sexually Assault Teammates

A soccer coach from a high school in Chicago has been at the center of a scandal after he was accused of allowing and watching players sexually assault team members, Chicago affiliate CBS 2reports.

Michael Divincenzo, a soccer coach at Maine West High School, has been accused of not taking action after he witnessed students sexually haze team members, which became a ritual in the school for years.

According to the lawsuit, the unidentified mother’s son, 14, and at least two other boys were sexually assaulted during soccer practice in September during school hours - and coaches knew about the hazing. The lawsuit goes on to say that older players held down the boys, pulled down their pants and underwear and sodomized them. The plaintiffs say that the hazing is part of initiation for becoming part of the school’s varsity soccer team.   Full story here!

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