Monday, October 15, 2012

Two Gay College Students Outed by Facebook Because of New Privacy Changes

"It seems Facebook is constantly updating its image, accessibility, and settings and yet its privacy controls seem to be a problematic area, putting the social media website under scrutiny.
Two gay students from the University of Texas in Austin were recently outed on Facebook due to loopholes that caused a breach in privacy, according to the Wall Street Journal. Here’s the loophole: anyone can be added to a group without the user’s approval.
The sexual orientation of two students was unintentionally shared by the president of their Queer Chorus group when he added them to the group’s Facebook page last fall. The add notified the student’s entire friend list and eventually the news traveled back to their parents, who did not receive the information well."  Full story here!


Michael Tessaro said...

There parents need to get over it and just support and love their children gay or not
Maybe this will be the new way to come out now and in the future...rather then act like you have done something wrong YOU are who you are God made you that way tell the nonbelievers to get over it
Stay calm and carry on

Anonymous said...

Pretty impersonal, Michael. Just put it on the cover of the NY Times with the caption "Get over it, Bitches, we are who we are". I suggest it is NOT a good way to tell the family in such a non-loving way. I suggest you find a better way.

Henry said...

Looking at that pf pic I can understand why you would want to add him to a group:) On a more serious note, this is why it's better not to hide anything. Life is just so much easier!!!

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Anonymous said...

Easier said than done with the hate out there, Henry. Social interaction with those that support them is one of the best ways for those not out to get to the point where they can come out.

Anonymous said...

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