Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Full-Frontal Nude Photos Of Justin Bieber's Dad Being Shopped

"Nude photos of Justin Bieber's dad are being shopped, is exclusively reporting.

According to an insider, several photos taken of Jeremy Bieber in his younger days are making their way around the industry.

"Jeremy was purposely posing in all the photos, and he's completely naked showing full-frontal," the source told"  Full story here!


Matt Cruz said...

Naked photos of Justin Bieber's dad that sound sexy. Would love to get hard on some gay sugar daddy like him.MMMM

Matt Cruz said...

Justin Bieber's dad is sexy hope to get some of that later on. Hottness

Brian Chin said...

Huh. Are you sure you don't mean his pics are being PHOTOshopped?