Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Same-Sex Couples Feel Like Second Class Citizens on Tax Day

Tax season has reminded a number of gay couples that they are treated as second class citizens despite being legally married because the federal government forces them to file their federal income taxes as individuals. Full story here!


Tully Fitzsimmons said...

I have to be honest - Tax Day totally EMPOWERS me. I cant wait to file. Why? Because I defy the whole fucking federal government. I have filed as MARRIED when I was married, and subtracted the Imputed Income OUT of my income. Let the IRS weed through 33 million fucking joint returns and figure out everyone's gender. By the time they do, DOMA will be repealed or overturned. This is the ultimate in freeing civil disobedience - because we KNOW we're RIGHT in the long term.

Sean said...

It's not just same sex couples - single people feel the the lack of tax breaks and other benefits too.