Friday, October 7, 2011

“Real World” alum Scott Herman: “Posing for Playgirl isn’t on my agenda. I am fighting for equality, not attention.”

"Scott Herman is on the cover of the current issue of the Palm Springs-based gay magazine Pulp wearing nothing but a pair of white briefs and a pair of sunglasses.

Inside the magazine, the muscular Real World alum talks at length about his fight for gay rights. Even though Scott has a big gay fan base, he himself is straight and that’s why he is in a unique position to call on straight men to become allies of the gay community.

“I have always been a seeker of truth and an advocate for justice,” Scott says. “Some people wonder why a straight guy would fight for the rights of the gay community. They assume I must be gay. It doesn’t matter to me what people think because true equality means we don’t look at people as straight or gay – just people.” Full story here via Greg in Hollywood!

WGB:  Well as you already know we are big supporters of Scott Herman here at Wicked Gay Blog and appreciate what he is doing for our community.

In addition to being a local boy (New Hampshire) Scott also did this great interview with us earlier this year!

We need a few more like him on our side and this world will be a MUCH better place!


Anonymous said...

Hot Scott is all the above and a second to none amazing role model!

Anonymous said...

He is so awesome and so kind!