Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Move over Grindr, here comes Manhunt's "ASSFINDER!"

A WGB reader who has a friend that works at Manhunt sent me over these un-released details on this new service they are working on. It appears to be a GPS instant find-a-man program that is sure to rival the popular Grindr service.

I have a strange feeling this is going to be VERY popular with the boys! Take a look at these pics before I am asked by Manhunt to yank them!

Update: I just got an e-mail from Manhunt and thankfully they were very nice about the post. Here is what the e-mail said from Todd Sowers, Chief Marketing Officer:
“You caught us with our pants down. The good news? You can look forward to a lot more of that once we launch Manhunt GPS (its actual name). We wanted to figure out a way for guys to use an iPhone to hook up without all of Apple’s content restrictions, and thus the Assfinder project was born.

This isn’t an iPhone app – Manhunt GPS will work with your iPhone’s browser. Your profile on GPS will look just like your profile on Manhunt.net, no matter how much you choose to show off.

We’re not ready to announce all the details yet, but we can tell you that we’re launching Manhunt GPS in a limited beta in the Boston area later this week. Once we work out the kinks, we’ll be rolling it out nationwide as soon as possible. Initially, GPS will only be available for iPhone, but compatibility with other devices is coming soon, as well as a separate Manhunt App.”

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Seth said...

Hey--my house is located on that map. Who are all the guys near me???

JeffreyG said...

how r they gonna get manhunt profiles through the steve jobs anti-anything fun iphone rules?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hopefully they'll make it web-based and avoid the App Store approval process?

Anonymous said...

iPhone has a firm no-porn, no-nudity policy. There's no way this will be approved by Apple. Not unless Manhunt wants to force everyone to have PG-rated shots.

Anonymous said...

Unreleased details? Are you sure that Manhunt didn't send them over to you? Seems like an awful lot of info to have for just knowing someone that works there.

This looks like a "release" spec sheet to me. My guess is you are working in conjunction with manhunt. DUH!

Comment will probably be removed.

WickedGayBlog.com said...

Dear Manhunt:

If you are working with me, please mail me a check!!! LOL.

Dear Grindr employee who posted that last comment, want to work with me....please mail me a check!


Dave, Wicked Gay Blog

Rob Slatter said...

It may be me but I can see how it will be so popular in the USA.

When if I compare number of users online in manhunt and in their main competitor adam4adam I can always see many times more in A4A.
Example: a search for users
- Between 25 and 26 yo
- in All California
MH 12 users vs a4a 504 users

Anonymous said...

Be careful quoting Todd Sowers. He once ran an early site called "NYC NET" - they shut down without notice and took my website with them. I've been a nervous net nelly ever since. Thanks for nothing, Todd.

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