Friday, February 12, 2016

Out and Proud Rugger Keegan Hirst Looking Hot as Hell in These New Photos

My not so secret man crush on Keegan Hirst continues, I hope you don't mind. The camera seems to truly capture his positive energy.

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The City of Cincinnati Closes Landmark Gay Bookstore Over “Nail Polish Remover”

"The Pink Pyramid, a gay bookstore that has operated in downtown Cincinnati for over 21 years has been closed.

“The City of Cincinnati closed us down!” sign now appears in its empty storefront window.

“They pushed us out because we are a gay business,” said George Vanover, who owned the business for nearly 25 years with his partner, Gary Allgeier. “Some people have told us they think it’s because of the streetcar and because of development. But I don’t think that. I think they just wanted us gone.”

“This was a concerted effort to get rid of us,” he continues. “And they won. They got rid of us.”

It all began in 2013 when cops made a few undercover visits to the store and they were sold “nail polish remover.”

Problem was the crime lab called what he was selling isobutyl nitrite." Full story here via Back2Stonewall!

WGB :: It's a shame that they have been shut down. There are so few gay bookstores left that they are truly becoming a relic. I understand that perhaps they shouldn't be selling "nail polish remover" a.k.a. video head cleaner, poppers, rush but I personally don't think that should be illegal anyhow.

In Boston I use to love going to the Glad Day bookstore on a weekly basis, and then years after they closed, I would frequent the We Think the World of You bookstore in the south end of Boston. Do any of my readers remember either of those bookstores?

Did your city have a gay bookstore once that is no longer around? What city and what was the name of the bookstore?

Record Low Temps Sweeping the Northeast

The coldest air of the season is poised to plunge into the Northeast this coming Valentine's Day weekend. This Arctic blast will not only flirt with some daily records, but will also bring subzero cold to parts of the Midwest and reinforce the cold in the Southeast.

In addition to the bitterly cold temperatures, wind chills are expected to plummet into the 20s and 30s below zero from parts of the Midwest into the Northeast. Portions of Upstate New York may see wind chills as low as 50 below zero. This has prompted the National Weather Service to issue wind chill warnings and watches for a large portion of the Northeast, where "life-threatening" cold conditions will be possible. More...

WGB :: I am so excited I have someone to help with any snow we may get. This is how he showed up for the job interview, so I hired him on the spot. (Oh don't judge me. It's so damn cold here in Boston I have become delusional.)

Ellen Gets Emotional Thanking President Obama for All He Has Done for Gay Rights

WGB :: I love what the President says to Ellen in return. I love that we have a President that goes on the Ellen show to discuss matters of LGBT equality.

Does Kim Davis Win? :: Kentucky Could Have Two Marriage Licenses

"Kentucky lawmakers want to create two marriage license forms, one designed for gay couples and another for straight couples, in a move critics say harks back to the "separate but equal" days of the civil rights movement.

One marriage license form would note the "bride" and "groom" and the other form would note "first party" and "second party." Bill sponsor Republican Sen. Stephen West of Paris said couples, both gay and straight, could use either form.

The bill also removes the name of the county clerk who issued the license and would require couples to note their gender, no matter what form they chose, for the benefit of historians and genealogists who use marriage license records for research purposes." Full story here!

WGB :: What upsets me about this is that Kim Davis in a sense still gets her way in some capacity. This infuriates me actually. 

Man Convicted of Killing Gay Banker in 90s Speaks Out After Prison Release

A Texas man who pleaded guilty to killing a gay banker in 1991 was released from prison in December, after serving a 23-year sentence, and is exclusively speaking out to ABC's Houston-affiliate station KTRK.

Jon Buice, 41, was released from prison in on Dec. 30, after serving a 23-year sentence for pleading guilty to the 1991 murder of Paul Broussard a 27-year-old gay banker from Houston's Montrose neighborhood.

KTRK reports the murder sparked outrage from the LGBT community at the time, with many calling for swift justice for a group of teens dubbed The Woodlands 10. All of the teens were arrested and charged in connection with the crime but Buice was hit with the longest term. The other nine were released years ago, the news station reports.

"There's not a day I open my eyes and don't think about what happened July 3, 1991," Buice told KTRK.

More than 20 years after the killing, he says he still has "regret, guilt and shame."

"You can't erase it," he added.

Buice said he is eager to speak with the LGBT community in Houston now that he's out of prison. He said he reached out to activist Ray Hill years ago. Hill led the charge to get the Houston Police Department to work on Broussard's killing back in 1991. The two have become friends and Hill was waiting with Buice's father outside the prison where Buice was released.

"Can a person who's done something horrible be forgiven by a whole community? I don't know, we will see," Buice said.

Buice said people saw him "a monster" and a gay basher when he went to prison at 17 years old. Full story here via Edge!

WGB ::  If you were a member of this community or close to the victim, would you be able to forgive Jon after all these years? Why or why not?

I Must Admit, The Most Well Done Campaign Ad So Far is the New Bernie Sanders Ad - TOGETHER

I couldn't not post this ad. Very well done and exactly the type of campaign commercial that I like to see. It hits that emotional chord within all of us. To the creative people behind this ad, well done. I love it!

Good Morning from Wicked Gay Blog! #TGIF

Wow, I am so excited to have just made it through week 1 of being back at it on Wicked Gay Blog. It has been an awesome week with over 20 news posts! As always, commenting is what inspires me and what prompts me to blog more and get more creative. Please comment on any of this weeks posts that piqued your interest in any way. It's okay if we differ in opinion, that is a beauty of life...we are all our own unique human being.

Have a wicked fabulous day, lots of blogging to take place this weekend!


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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Apparently the Game "Gay Chicken" is Making the Rounds Again!

Just like music and fashion, all things old become new again. I remember several years ago one of the most popular posts I did in the blog was on the homoerotic phenomena sweeping the blogosphere called "Gay Chicken."

Gay Chicken defined is a game played with straight people to see who has more balls, metaphorically. the game is played in several ways. The most simple, and weakest, is the kiss. One 'player' moves in for a sensual kiss until one of the 'players' backs off. I've seen this lead to tongues but someone will always pull away. Another way gay chicken is played is by groping the other 'players' genitals or breasts or anything you can get your hands on. The most common form of the game is gay pillow talk in which each interaction escalates until someone laughs or just can't respond. Lastly, 'players' can initiate dry humping sessions. Hardcore 'players' will use a combination of three tactics to win the game. Some have been known to even use all four tactics at once. This plan of attack is very tricky.

Today I came across this new and funny video that I saw on an Instinct post and wanted to share:

Here is another "Gay Chicken" video:

Now I know some of you will find this offensive because it may seem like this is making it seem like two guys kissing is bad or gross. I see it from another angle. I see a game that allows two guys to have a reason or excuse to kiss each other. I just find it very silly yet am intrigued in some way!