Friday, April 18, 2014

Men at Work... #TGIF #FriskyFriday

In honor of Frisky Friday a new hot photo post will be posted to the WGB Facebook page every hour starting at 6 am today until midnight!!! That's 18 photos you won't see here at the blog and only on Facebook!

Now THAT's a Good Friday!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Just Because... (The things I would do...)

Wicked Fabulous Video :: Leslie Jordan Reports Traffic at WFAA News 8 in Dallas / Ft Worth

(H/T - VJ Brendan)

WGB: I just love Leslie Jordan! If you haven't seen 'My Trip Down the Pink Carpet," check it out! 

Wicked LMAO Video :: Rugby is a Secret Code Word for ______?

(H/T -The Gaily Grind)

WGB: Cute, I love it! And I love rugby, go figure!

He's Your Private Dancer, Dancing for Money, Any Old Music Will Do...

Club Kid Founder Michael Alig To Be Released From Prison: “No Chance” He Will Party

Michael Alig, the quintessential party boy who reigned supreme over New York City’s gay party scene throughout the early ’90s, is due to be released from jail on May 5, according to a personal friend reporting for BlackBook.

Alig is credited with fueling the early days of the “club kid” scene and throwing some of the greatest and most historical gay events in a pre-Giuliani New York City. His life and conviction inspired the Fenton Bailey-directed movie Party Monster, which detailed the events leading up to March 17, 1996 — the day Alig murdered and dismembered the body of his drug dealer Angel Melendez in the apartment they shared. Full story here via Queerty!

WGB: I think Michael is going to be shocked at how much has changed since his club kid days. Did anyone else watch the movie Party Monster? I thought it was fascinating yet so very disturbing.

Just Because...

Alabama Woman Charged With Murder for Allegedly Shooting Son’s Partner

An Alabama woman has been charged with murder after allegedly shooting her son’s boyfriend on Monday at a truck stop. Investigators are not calling the incident a hate crime, however, Alabama’s Fox-affiliated station WBRC reports.

Local police arrested Anita T. Hill, 51, this week and charged her with the murder of Jamie R. Johnson, 36, who was shot once in the back. According to investigators, Hill’s son and Johnson were "involved in a long-term relationship" and have been dating for about four years.

"This relationship has caused tension between the suspect who is the mother of the male witness and her son," Sgt. Dale Phillips told WBRC.

Authorities say Hill allegedly shot Johnson because he was allegedly "violent" with her son.

"Witnesses have told us the relationship between these two individuals, the two young men, had been at times possibly physical abusive as well as mentally abusive," Phillips said. Full story here via Edge!

WGB: What a tragic story. Mamma bears can be very protective and there is no telling what a mom would do if their child was being verbally and physically abused by a partner. Sadly, it all ended so tragically for everyone involved.