Saturday, April 30, 2016

GOP Votes To Block Obama’s Action On LGBT Job Discrimination

How the hell did this one slip under my radar? It is sneeky political tricks like this that really piss me off. Add in the fact that this hurts our community and is yet another anti-gay ploy, makes me even angrier! Last night Republicans passed a “religious liberty” measure that would let federal contractors refuse to do business with gay people.

The HuffPo writes, "Republicans quietly voted Thursday to gut President Barack Obama’s executive order barring workplace discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of federal contractors.

The House Armed Services Committee voted 33 to 29 to tuck language into the 2017 defense authorization bill — must-pass legislation — that blocks the president’s 2014 executive action that makes it illegal to fire or harass employees of government contractors based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Instead, the amendment applies a broad exemption that would allow contractors to openly discriminate against LGBT people based on the contractors’ religious beliefs.

More than 2,000 federal contracts are awarded every year to religious organizations. In all, the executive order affects 24,000 companies employing roughly 28 million workers, or about one-fifth of the nation’s workforce."

Apparently the White House is NOT happy about it at all! It now heads to the House where Dems will try and strip the anti-gay language, if they can.
OUTRAGED YET? You should be. I am. Did you know there are over 100 anti-LGBT bills pending right now?

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Friday, April 29, 2016

My Fave Liberal Redneck (You Heard Me Right!) Slays in Latest Video on AFA Boycott of Target

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, has got some musins on the AFA recent boycott of Target over their trans-friendly bathroom policy. He ain't fer it.

Sadly the AFA Target Boycott just hit 1 million signatures! WTF!

If you liked this video from him, THIS ONE is even better!

Now THIS is a view I could get use to!

Just one of the many hot photos from the WGB Tumblr archives! (NSFW)

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Mattachine Society Sues for Release of Records tied to Eisenhower Anti-Gay Order

Clinton Backers 'Feel the Bern' of Angry Sanders Supporters

Clinton Backers 'Feel the Bern' of Angry Sanders Supporters

I wanted to post this article because I have experienced the same exact thing. When I mentioned I was casting my support behind Hillary Clinton (views are personal and do not necessarily reflect Wicked Gay Blog as a whole) I received a lot of nasty e-mails. Sadly, these e-mails were not from Trump or Cruz supporters, but from Bernie Sanders supporters. I actually really like Bernie Sanders, but apparently his supporters don't like me!

Edge writes, "Nancy Schumacher says she just wanted to do her civic duty, and so she heeded the call to become a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton. But in the year of the angry voter, not even an administrative assistant from Elk River, Minnesota, can escape the outrage.
"Some of the (phone and email) messages called me names. Some of them called Hillary names. And others said I was a stupid bitch and something bad will happen to me," said Schumacher, a Democratic committee member. "It's kind of hard to take sometimes."

Has anyone else had a similar experience for supporting which ever candidate you have decided to support?

ONLY IN AMERICA :: 'Gigolos' Star Nick Hawk Gets Penis Insured for $1 Million

Now granted it is a nice looking penis, but seriously?

Edge writes, "Nick Hawk, star of the Showtime reality series "Gigolos" has insured his penis for a whopping $1 million. The eye-opening transaction at the insurance broker office was taped and will be aired on episode seven of the series set to air Friday night at 11 p.m.

"In the insurance business, you often get requests to insure odd and outrageous things, but without a doubt being asked to give a quote and to insure someone's penis is by far the most unusual request in my 24 years in the business. It's not all that unusual for well known personalities and celebrities to have their various body parts insured...legs, vocal chords, even hair, but a penis is an absolute first," said owner/CEO George Geldin of Geldin Insurance."

Now if you guys think like me, you want to see what it looks like right? Click here for a NSFW photo via the Wicked Gay Blog Tumblr page.

What are your thoughts on this? Dolly Parton has insured her boobs, so why not a cock?

By the way, if you have never seen this reality show, it is worth viewing just for all the gratuitous sex and nudity. Warning, you will see vagina too!

Photo credit :: Playgirl Magazine

Mattachine Society Sues for Release of Records tied to Eisenhower Anti-Gay Order

Well isn't this interesting. The Mattachine Society is suing the federal government for the release of documents pertaining to President Eisenhower's order allowing the firing of gays from federal agencies in 1953.

CBS news reports, "A gay rights group sued the Justice Department on Wednesday for failing to produce hundreds of pages of documents related to a1953 order signed by President Dwight Eisenhower that empowered federal agencies to investigate and fire employees thought to be gay.

Executive Order 10450 allowed broad categories of federal workers, including those with criminal records, drug addiction and "sexual perversion," to be singled out for scrutiny and termination as threats to national security. Suspicions of homosexuality led to between 7,000 and 10,000 workers losing their jobs in the 1950s alone, according to one estimate cited in a 2014 report from the U.S. Merit Systems Protections Board.

"We want to know, and history needs to know, how this thing was administered and how it was enforced, and what was the dynamic inside the Justice Department and the FBI driving" it, said Charles Francis, president of the Mattachine Society. The gay rights research and education organization has sought to obtain the records since 2013.

Eisenhower's order came at a time of widespread anti-gay discrimination authorized at the highest levels of government, including a 1950 Senate subcommittee report that concluded that gays were unsuitable as federal employees.

Under a "sex deviate program" put in place by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, agents were directed to "completely and fully" investigate anything about a prospective employee's sexual orientation developed during background checks."

What do you think WGB'ers? As a matter of LGBT history and public record, is the Mattachine Society correct in suing for the release of these documents? Why or why not? 

This Question Goes Out to All the LGBT Activists...

With our civil rights and equality evermore under attack, activism is essential. Have you ever participated in an LGBT civil rights demonstration? Is civil disobedience ever appropriate?

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Are you guys a fan of the ink?