Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Donald Trump Claims Gender Neutral Bathrooms Would Cost 'Hundreds of Billions of Dollars'

The Donald strikes again with yet another ridiculous statement.

"A month after stating Caitlyn Jenner is welcomed to use the ladies' room at Trump Tower, presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump blasted the idea of gender neutral facilities on the grounds that they would cost "hundreds of billions of dollars."

Trump continued to play both sides of the transgender restroom issue Monday when, during a broadcast of Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," he decried establishing gender neutral restrooms.

"It would be unbelievably expensive nationwide," Trump told O'Reilly. "It would be hundreds of billions of dollars. It would be an unbelievably expensive thing to do. I think our country would rather have us spending money on other things." More...

Earlier this month, he warned supporters about the dangers of a possible appointment of a liberal-leaning Justice, saying that it would “destroy our nation.”

True to form, on last week he released a list of 11 possible nominees to fill the void left by the sudden death of gay rights foe Justice Antonin Scalia last February.

The names surely pleased the Republican Party’s most hard-line conservatives: eight men and three women, all white, all heterosexual. Not all of them have ruled in LGBT cases. Some have, while others have ruled to restrict voting rights, or limit abortion rights. More...

I honestly believe it would be extremely bad for LGBT Americans if Donald Trump is elected!

Wicked Powerful :: Premier of Australia’s Victoria State Apologizes for Laws Criminalizing Homosexuality

I was so incredibly moved watching this video this morning. I feel like many of my Australian readers must be quite pleased hearing this. Again, these are the moments that we realize how far we have come in the LGBT community and need to take a moment to take it all in.

Towleroad writes, "Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Australia’s state of Victoria (the most densely populated state, which includes Melbourne), today apologized for laws which convicted thousands of gay men of buggery, gross indecency and loitering for homosexual purposes before homosexuality was decriminalized in 1980.

Said Andrews: “There was a time in our history when we turned thousands of ordinary young men into criminals. And it was profoundly and unimaginably wrong.” He continued...

Naval Plebes Climb Herndon Monument

Boys will be boys! Hundreds of plebes faced one last challenge during their freshman year. The Herndon Climb is an annual rite of passage at the US Naval Academy.

It’s a ceremonial passage into a higher rank of Midshipmen 4th Class. The towering monument is greased with oil and doused with water; plebes form a human staircase to climb it.

“There’s a base with the bigger guys, and we’re gonna try to get the smallest guys on top,” said one.

The goal: knock down the freshman hat and replace it with the midshipman’s hat.

The plebes say making it to the top takes a solid foundation—meaning physical strength but, more importantly, teamwork. (Source)

Steve Grand, Leslie Jordan, Armistead Maupin, Patti Lupone, and Kristin Chenoweth are Just SOME of the Big Names Heading to Provincetown this Summer

Provincetown once again has an amazing line-up of talented performers this summer. Some of these acts are simply too hot to miss!

One of my favorite things to do in Provincetown is to see all the great actors, dancers, comedians, and singers that turns up, but get your tickets early, these big names are sure to sell out fast!

Click here for the complete list from my friend and colleague in blogging!

Wicked Web Hottie of the Day

I saw this stud in my Tumblr feed and had to share. I love this photo! If you know who he is, please comment below so I can link to his Instagram or Tumblr page.

(Each day we will be featuring a hot photo found on the web. Today's wicked hot photo of the day from Tumblr.)

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Is it true? Beards Aren’t Cool Anymore?

Maybe I have been posting way too many photos of scruffy dudes because my inbox has been flooded recently with readers sending me articles of just how NOT COOL beards are. The funny thing is, I am personally only into nicely trimmed beards and do love a scruffy guy (as well as a clean-shaven guy) but these articles are actually addressing the unkempt lumberjack look.

The Wall Street Journal writes, "Is the beard dead? If you’re like us, you may be wondering if the vogue for channeling a mountain man has overstayed its welcome! s the beard still cool? Men such as Benjamin Levy, who works in sales at Ralph Lauren, say no. After three years of having one, the freshly shorn 24-year-old said they now reflect conformity: “You go to a bar and all you see are bearded dudes. I don’t like it.”

Robert McMillen, the head barber at Blind Barber, which just set up its fourth shop, at the downtown Barneys New York, believes the beard reached its peak in popularity a year or two ago. “Men with burly beards are starting to reduce them for a more streamlined look,” said Mr. McMillen, 36. Take Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, whose much-maligned Rasputin beard was a shadow of its former self when he appeared on a morning talk show last month.

But Mr. McMillen said he doesn’t see clients returning to a strictly clean-shaven look anytime soon: “Guys are wearing mustaches or leaving some stubble.” Even if you missed the burly-beard trend, he says, you can still wring passable coolness out of facial hair."

Vice magazine writes, "If photos of famous people and the undeniable testimony of a 24-year-old aren't enough to convince you that beards are uncool, perhaps you will be persuaded by a survey finding that 67 percent of men in stylish, cutting-edge New York City have beards—as everyone knows, nothing signals the death of a trend like its extreme popularity."

Since I am no expert on trends, I leave it to you guys to tell me! Beards...all the RAGE or passing FAD?

I am having trouble keeping up. Just last week I reported that A Hairy Chest is Back En Vogue!

Padres Apologize To San Diego Gay Men's Chorus For Anthem Screwup, Fire Contractor Responsible

This is an update to this recent blog post on what happened to the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus when they were suppose to be singing the National Anthem, but instead the vocals of a female were played over the intercom system.

Outsports reports, "The visceral collective reaction by the LGBT community to the screw-up of the National Anthem for the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus at the San Diego Padres game Saturday night has pointed directly at homophobia as the root cause. Cries of systemic homophobia by the Padres, Major League Baseball and sports in general have rung across social media for two days.

Yet the incident was not the result of some homophobic conspiracy and was, in all likelihood, a really stupid mistake.

I've spent much of the last 24 hours communicating with people at the Padres, on the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus, in Major League Baseball and other LGBT leaders. This is what I've concluded.

The Padres screwed up. Big time.

What we know without a doubt is that the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus was asked by the Padres to sing the National Anthem before their home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Saturday. The Chorus stood on the field minutes before the opening pitch to sing. Someone in the control room then played a track of a woman singing the National Anthem as a few dozen gay men stood speechless on the field.

Awful. Inexcusable.

To make matters worse, instead of stopping the track and fixing the error the Padres let the song play out while the men stood in front of the crowd. Once the song was over, the chorus were escorted off the field.

The Chorus has every reason to be upset

Any time someone gets to sing the National Anthem in front of a packed stadium, it's a thrill. To have that turned upside down into a moment of complete humiliation was tough." Continue reading!

After reading Cyd's article in it's entirety, and the fact that he has direct knowledge of this organization, I am inclined to believe that this was just an unfortunate mistake. That being said, I did hear reports of audience members shouting out homophobic slurs and laughing. Can anyone confirm that this did in fact take place?

UPDATE :: Major League Baseball To Investigate Gay Men’s Chorus Complaint On National Anthem Debacle

Most Older Americans Now Say They Support Same-Sex Marriage

Some great news coming out of a recent Gallup poll. I am beyond thrilled to hear that older Americans are opening their hearts and minds and supporting our same sex unions.

HuffPo writes, "A 2016 Gallup poll found that 53 percent of Americans 65 and older say they believe same-sex marriages should be recognized, with the same legal rights as traditional marriages. Although it’s a 30-percent support drop from 18- to 29-year-olds, it’s the first time since Gallup first polled on the issue in 1996 that the majority of older Americans said they think same-sex marriage should be fully legal.

Gallup analyst Justin McCarthy said he believed that the strong support for same-sex marriage across the U.S. will have a major impact on the 2016 presidential election.

“Americans’ heightened approval of gay marriage this year makes the issue a fairly straightforward one for the remaining Democratic presidential candidates,” he wrote. “Not only do the vast majority of fellow Democrats agree with their stance, but they also have little to fear on the issue from the general electorate.”

While Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has a checkered history with the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, McCarthy believes that his party’s “tapering opposition” to marriage equality makes it “an ideal climate” for the GOP frontrunner.

Pointing to Trump’s recent attendance at a same-sex wedding, he wrote, “This is a marked departure from his former primary rival, Ted Cruz, who said he’d never attend a gay wedding if invited.”

From your own personal experience, do you have any family members who have gone from not being supportive on this issue, to fully supporting marriage equality in recent years?

If you could permanently ban a single expression, what would it be?

Today's 'Question of the Day' is...If you could permanently ban a single expression, what would it be? 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Simon Dunn Posts Wicked Hot Bathroom Selfie

Please drop that towel Simon! We are huge fans of openly gay bobsleigh stud Simon Dunn here at WGB!

Get to know Simon, some great stories about his journey posted on his Facebook page!