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A Timeline of our LGBT History After Stonewall

As a result of the release of the movie "Stonewall" last week, the Hotspots staff thought about what life was like for LGBT people back in 1969 compared to today. Nearly all of us can remember a time when being out and proud meant risking something - whether it be rejection from one's family or the loss of employment. How far have we come since 1969?

1969 - The Stonewall Riots happened on June 27 and began the LGBT rights movement as we know it today. Only two states, Illinois and Connecticut, had decriminalized homosexuality by 1969. For those people in the rest of the country, being caught in police raids at gay meeting places, such as bars, meant that you would be arrested and your name and address would be printed in the newspaper. From there, these people would usually be fired from their jobs and shunned by their families. Just five years before, Senator Charley Johns spearheaded a witch hunt against gays in Florida's public universities: over 300 people were either fired from their jobs or kicked out of school. Full timeline here!

WGB :: This is a fascinating read and was so informative. This is truly a must read for anyone who cares about LGBT history and the fight for full equality. Was anything missing in this article that stuck out to you? If so, please share below.

Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, gay priest fired by Vatican after coming out

A Polish priest who served with the Vatican's doctrinal arm will no longer be able to carry out his duties after announcing he is gay on the eve of a major Church meeting, a Vatican spokesman said.

With his partner at his side, Monsignor Krysztof Olaf Charamsa held a press conference Saturday in Rome, calling on Pope Francis to revise Catholic doctrine on homosexuality, which considers same-sex relationships sinful. Full story here!

WGB :: I admire his bravery and am disappointed at the Vatican's response. I think he may just have started a revolution and we may just start to see a lot more high ranking priests come forward.

Clinton Promotes Gay Rights as a Main Pillar of 2016 Campaign

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday delivered the strongest speech in support of gay rights in the 2016 presidential race on Saturday, promising that ending discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender people would be a central pillar of her administration.

"I see the injustices and the dangers that you and your families still face," she told hundreds of gay activists at the annual meeting of the Human Rights Campaign. "I'm running for president to stand up for the fundamental rights of LGBT Americans."

She added: "That's a promise from one HRC to another." Full story here!

WGB :: Not sorry but I like her. I really really like her!

Wicked Sexy Photographer! Snap, Snap, Snap, Flash, Flash, Flash...

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Man’s Best Friend

Man’s Best Friend

By Lawrence Pfeil, Jr.

Whoever called the dog, “man’s best friend” obviously never had a penis (aka dick, cock, pecker, wiener, joystick, schlong, man meat, tally whacker, John Thomas, and/or Schwanzstucker) because men embrace theirs from the get-go. Ultrasounds have shown male fetuses in the last trimester with in utero erections and tiny hands clutching on. By the time “the boys” drop around age 12 or 13 and the package is complete; and the once friendship has grown into a lifetime obsession filled with prowess and pride, comparisons, and above all pleasure.

But what do we really know about every man’s penile pal?

Let’s start at the beginning, which usually depends on your perspective i.e., if it’s your tool or someone else’s, but in this case the word itself. Penis, typically referring to the shaft, is Latin for “tail,” while testes (aka nads, balls, plumbs, rocks, and/or bollox) share the Latin root for “witness” which according to Dr. Steven Lamm, MD’s book. The Hardness Factor comes from the Roman law practice of a man holding his junk while “testifying” in court. (Or possibly it was just a way of distracting opposing counsel millennia before “Basic Instinct,” but the jury is still out.)

Dr. Lamm also cites the men of Australia’s Walibri tribe who greet each other, by shaking Johnsons instead of hands. Apparently it’s not just gay men in America who enjoy this custom. Men the world over, whether ancient or modern, developed or primitive, all value taking matters into their own hands.

As for the actual nuts and bolt, everyone “says” size isn’t important, unless of course you’re walking around naked in the locker room at the gym. FYI… gymnasium comes from the Greek word “gymnazo” meaning “to exercise naked” (yet another reason to go Greek).

For most men, their left gonad hangs lower than the other. But in approximately 10% of men, the right one hangs lower, because they’re left-handed. Seriously, it’s a proven fact. But do the research, and if they’re wrong, it won’t be a waste of time finding out.

It has been said, “God’s only design flaw in man is that He gave him two heads but only enough blood to use one or the other, but not both at the same time.” It’s hard to argue with that. Considering the average erection only requires about two to three tablespoons of blood, it doesn’t say much for the brain activity of most men when it’s channeled to the other head either.

As for length, width, girth, circumference, cut/uncut, ethnic stereotypes, and grow-ers vs show-ers, no study, statistics, or evidence is going to change the perceptions and preferences of anyone. He’s your best friend who has been with you since the beginning and will be with you till the end. Who else can you say that about? So like anyone with you through thick and thin, you love him for his strengths as well as whatever his shortcomings may be because he is yours.

A Few Reasons Why Dan Osborne Photos Continue to Turn Me On...

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Police: NY Man Punched, Kicked in Face in Alleged Anti-Gay Attack

The New York Police Department said this week a 37-year-old man was kicked and punched several times in the face as his attackers hurled gay slurs at him at a Manhattan subway station last month, local news station PIX 11 reports.

The incident occurred on Sept. 23 and authorities said the suspect is a Hispanic man in his 30s or 40s. NYPD said he has long dark hair and is about 5-feet 6-inches to 5-feet 9-inches tall.

Police released surveillance video and sketches in hopes the public can help in locating the attacker.

It's unclear if cops are treating the incident as a hate crime.

The incident comes after a same-sex couple, who was initially identified as a mother and daughter, were the victims of an anti-gay assault last month in the posh Turtle Bay neighborhood of Manhattan's East Side. Via Edge Media Network

WGB :: What the fuck is going on New York City? Every month another gay bashing attack in the news. I won't lie, it has prevented MANY of us from Boston from making our regular jaunts into the city. It is time NYC's gay community FIGHTS back and enough of these candle lit marches through Greenwich village are complete bullshit! Boston loves NYC, let us know what we can do and we will be there to support you!

Norwegian Billionaire Comes Out As Gay

One of Norway's richest men is billionaire Stein Erik Hagen and he's just come out of the closet--and he may be the richest single gay man in the world!

Hagen is said to worth between $2.4-$3.6 billion dollars.

But while he has never been open about his sexuality, Hagen has been a gay rights campaigner for years. Full story here via Instinct!

WGB :: Welcome to the club stud! We need a few more gay billionaires to come out here in the USA and help us fight the good fight towards full equality!

Wicked Flashback - Real Life - Send Me An Angel (1989)

WGB :: OK, last wicked flashback of the night. Who remembers this gem?