Sunday, August 30, 2015

Question of the Day...

Have you ever had sex with a genuine straight guy? (someone you believe really was just experimenting/drunk etc.)

Ryan Phillippe Looking Wicked Hot at Nearly 41 Years Young!

More photos here via VJ Brendan!

We Go Hard or We Go Home!

Rugby Stud and Ally James Haskell Continues to Tackle Homophobia

In the NEW issue of GT, they welcome rugby and England sensation, James Haskell.

This touchline favourite, who’s the current captain of the London Wasps, isn’t afraid to speak his mind on issues close to his heart, is leading the way in challenging the stereotypes of LGBT people in sport.

With his toenails painted and openness to even tease us gays about almost anything, this sportsman is ready to fight for equality for all; regardless of their sexuality.

“The most important thing is that people have a dialogue with one another,” he tells us.

The 6ft 4in, nearly-18 stone, lean, mean rugby playing machine, also has some tough words for those that question why he’s so open to playing alongside people of any background or sexuality.

“If I was to turn up for work and I wasn’t able to be myself, and I wasn’t able to be comfortable, I just think that’d be terrible, you know?”

Adding: “I’ve never really seen anyone as gay or straight or anything like that. If someone comes to me and says, ‘I’m gay’, or whatever, I just say, ‘And what?’ As long as people play well, I don’t care!” Full story and the magazine cover here!

WGB :: He is so awesome and his support for the community is just one of the reasons he has been featured in this blog MANY times. (Can you guess the other, more obvious reason?)

Check out the video below. WOOF!

Men at Work...

Homeland Security’s Peculiar Prosecution of Rentboy

"The website is accused of connecting male sex workers with clients, enabling prostitution, which is unlawful virtually everywhere in the country. It operated fairly transparently, giving annual parties, announcing a scholarship contest for escorts and promoting the motto “Money can’t buy you love … but the rest is negotiable.”

It’s somewhat baffling, though, that taking down a website that operated in plain sight for nearly two decades suddenly became an investigative priority for the Department of Homeland Security and federal prosecutors in Brooklyn. This week, the website’s founder and six employees were charged with violating federal law by facilitating paid sexual encounters.

“Based on my investigation,” Susan Ruiz, a Homeland Security special agent, wrote in the complaint, “I have learned that a sling, also known as a ‘sex sling,’ is a device that allows two people to have sex while one is suspended.” Later, she helpfully explained that “the term ‘twink’ is a slang term for a young, gay man with an effeminate manner, thin build, and no body or facial hair.” Full story here via the New York Times!

WGB :: Really great article from the New York Times asking why there were so many government resources used to shut down given all that these agencies are tasked with. It also goes on to show how many heterosexual escort sites are still operating without incident.

Anchors Aweigh!

A LOT more where this came from HERE via Boy Culture!

WGB :: A man in uniform does things to me!

Katrina 10 Years Later

It would be remiss of me not to talk about the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

As many of you know who have followed this blog for several years, I fell in love with New Orleans from the very first time I visited 15 years ago. I feel in love with the people, the culture, the food, and it's "Laissez les bons temps rouler" attitude!

My husband and I had been playing it by ear in 2005 as to whether we would attend Southern Decadence or not. Obviously we did not head there based on the weather reports, but never thought what was about to take place would happen.

As we sat in the safety of our Boston living room, we watched as Katrina decimated the great New Orleans area. I remember feeling so helpless, so in shock, and so frightened for everyone there. I cried uncontrollably as I watched the images that were on the news and forever in my mind.

10 years later, the emotions that I feel are just as strong and continue to admire the great resilience of those who were able to stay and for those who returned.

Click here to read my friend Brendan's account of what is was like to actually be there while it took place. You can tell from his words, that the wounds are just as fresh today as they were 10 years ago.

Sex Abuse Charges Against Terry Bean To Be Dismissed, Alleged Victim Still Won’t Testify

Oregon Live reports: The sex crimes case against prominent gay activist Terry Bean of Portland and his ex-boyfriend will be dismissed Tuesday because the alleged victim refuses to testify. Bean, 67, and former boyfriend Kiah Loy Lawson, 25, are accused of having sex with a 15-year-old boy at a Eugene hotel in 2013. They each are charged with two counts, full story here!

WGB :: What do you make of this WGB'ers?