Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Are younger gay guys rushing into marriage?

This post is important to me and maybe I am overreacting but I am so damn frustrated watching my Facebook feed fill up with young gay couples who dated for only a short period of time before getting married, only to get divorced a very short time later. Are younger gay guys becoming the Britney Spears of gay marriage after all it took to get here?

I just know how hard so many of us worked fighting for marriage equality and I feel that an entire new generation is not taking it seriously!

My husband and I waited 10 years before getting legally married when it was legal 5 years into our relationship. Now 10 years is a tad excessive for most, I get that but we wanted everyone to see how seriously we took this amazing new right and privilege.

What are your thoughts? How long did you wait if you are married? How long is an appropriate time to date in your opinion? Have you noticed this trend as well?

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just Because.. (This rugby jock rocks my world!)

More photos in my past post here! And check out his brothers here! (Good looks run in that family!)

Just Because...

James Franco Takes a Selfie in Bed

More here via VJ Brendan

WGB: I still find him sexy but I find his brother Dave even sexier!

Ex-Boxing Champ Arrested for Assaulting Man Who Allegedly Hit on Him

Former boxing champion Kassim Ouma was arrested in Los Angeles Friday after knocking out a man who allegedly made advances towards him.

Police reportedly told TMZ that the athlete told investigators he was in Hollywood early Friday morning when he started talking to a random man he met. Ouma, a middleweight champion, said he went to the man’s home for a drink. The man, who is unnamed, then allegedly hit on the boxer. 

TMZ reports that Ouma, 35, "politely declined multiple advances" but when he went to leave, the man made one last move and Ouma shoved him away. The incident escalated and the athlete allegedly punched the guy, knocking him out.

Police arrived on the scene and the man was sent to a nearby hospital. Full story here via Edge!

WGB: It's hard to take a side with so few details. I will wait until I find out more details before rushing to judgement. Although he is from Uganda and that is a notoriously homophobic nation. Your thoughts?

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